We’ve been at this since 1987 when we started out as CASERS. Over the years, we’ve gotten better at our craft just as our brand portfolio has grown bigger. Now we are a leading agency in Nigeria and the sub-regional hub of DDB Worldwide in West and Central Africa.


At the heart of everything we do lies an overarching objective – to become the biggest and best among builders of brands. Achieving this takes quite a bit and we’re more than up for the task.

We are organized and equipped to deliver outstanding outcomes for your brand through our best-in-breed talent base and access to tested and proven proprietary tools.


Over the course of our existence, we have passionately and proudly served a vast portfolio of local and multinational brands, helping them become dominant in their respective categories.

We have managed brands in financial services, telecommunications, energy, consumer packaged foods, public sector, social work, consumer electronics and household appliances, among other categories. We’re really proud of the work we’ve done for each of our clients.


One thing that makes us special is our knowledge of the Nigerian market.Our multinational clients find this very useful and now we’ve taken a step further.

We have created the DDB WECA organization in partnership with other DDB offices in the sub-region.
DDB WECA offers bespoke solutions to multinational clients with operations across West and Central Africa.






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